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Kita Daycare

About Kita Daycare

Kita Daycare is committed to revolutionizing childcare by setting new standards in safety, accessibility, and quality.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for children’s early development, guided by certified teachers and midwives who are passionate.

Through our seamless app experience, parents can stay connected and real-time informed about their child’s well-being, fostering peace of mind and trust in our daycare services.

We prioritize practicality, affordability, and accessibility to ensure that every family can benefit from our innovative approach to childcare, empowering them to build brighter futures for their children.

Kita Playroom

About Kita Playroom

Welcome to Kita Playroom – where play meets imagination!

We provides a specialized space tailored for toddlers, fostering a nurturing environment where young minds can explore, learn, and grow.

Thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor areas prioritize safety and encourage gentle exploration, promoting early childhood development through engaging activities. With a focus on fostering creativity and curiosity, our playroom offers a secure space where children can play and learn in a comfortable and supportive setting. It’s a kingdom of creativity

Our Facilites

Fun Playroom in 1st Floor

Safe & Secure Daycare on 2nd Floor

Warm and Welcoming Interiors and Decor

Baby & Nursery Room

Comfortable Beds & Toilets for Kids

24-Hours CCTV Camera

Outdoor & Indoor Spaces to Ensure Health and Comfort

Real-Time Updates & Reports, Right on Your App

Why Us?

The first Daycare, Playroom and One-stop retail space!

Easily Accessible

Right where you need us to be. Designed for easy parent access. Mobility friendly.

Heartfelt Commitment

We choose our members by heart. Carefully selected only qualified educators and midwives, dedicated to your child’s journey.

Streamlined Simplicity

Effortless by tech coordination. From daily report to essential needs, we’ve got it covered.

Memorable Experience

We offer unforgettable atmosphere. Not the most expensive, but we’re worth it.

End-to-End Relevance

Your needs are our priority. Shop, schedule, and collect. It’s all within your reach.

Why Kita Daycare Better?

Providing worry-free, a warm family-atmosphere to support and prioritize early childhood development.

Kita Daycare offers unparalleled quality and safety with qualified teachers and midwives, personalized attention, and digitize communication through a seamless app experience, further enhancing convenience and accessibility for parents.

Never Miss your Child's Progress

Always keep track of your children’s activity, development and milestone. Never miss a thing with on-the-go convenience!

Chat Caretaker without Hustle

Stay alert with your child’s Teachers and Midwife on daily basis. Feel at ease, anytime, anywhere.

Pay as you Go. Trusted. Faster. Easier.

Pay directly through App, get alert and stay updated of billing needs straight from your pocket

Our Program

Never worry, early development milestone & health priority.

Optimized Early Childhood Growth

Facilitate children with fun activities to stimulate growth in different developmental areas, including physical, cognitive, linguistic, and socio-emotional skills.

Fun & Collaborative Playroom

Enhance children’s unique and personal development through an explorative and adventurous learning space.

Learning Through Everyday Experience

Cultivate self-discipline and encourage the little ones to be curious, explore, discover, and learn at their own pace.

Quality Healthcare & Learning Development

Establishing a new standard of care by qualified caregivers and health experts, supported by comfortable kids-friendly facilities that feel like home.

Enjoy Health Package Benefits

Experience Optimal Health at Kita Daycare!

Pediatrician Check-ups

Dental Check-ups

Psychological Assessments

Parent-Teacher Workshops with Health & Parenting Experts

Retail Partner’s

Our Location

Ruko Horizon Broadway, Jl. Horizon Broadway No.3, Sampora, Kec. Cisauk, Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten 15345

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